Spirit of an Operative


In the Begining...

>>> In a crime ridden city, filled with corruption; you, a team of new private intelligence operatives, struggle to hung on to your souls while make a living off conspiracy and intrigue. You where all pulled together by one of the few people in this world you can trust, Bloom. She may be a bit of a hot topped red-head but she is the best fixer in Renton, maybe even all of Seattle.

>>> Your first run together as a team was last week and it went off without a hitch. You where able to find the formula of a very new and very secret candy bar and steal it for a rival company. Sure it was a bit of a ‘cake’ opp. but those are the best when proving a new team. It’s been a week now and you are all itching to get back into the game.

>>> You’ve gathered for a discussion about your employment prospects and to grab a midnight meal at the Man with the Golden Tooth Tavern, an excellent little spot in Renton for eggs-and-spam-flavored soy product. The place has a real name, but everybody just calls it by the grinning likeness of the obscure comedian on the particularly tenacious poster for a long-forgotten comedy simsense flick, which is plastered to the boards covering the window by the front door.



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