Spirit of an Operative

The Job

The Meeting

>>>> In Short

>>>The team is called in as emergency reinforcements
for another team, which is under heavy attack.

>>>> The Job

>>>You’ve gathered for a discussion of your
employment prospects and a midnight meal at the Ork
with the Gold Tooth Tavern, an excellent little spot in
Renton for eggs-and-spam-flavored soy product. The
place has a real name, but everybody just names it by
the grinning face of some obscure comedian on a
particularly tenacious poster for some long-forgotten
comedy simsense flick, plastered to the boards covering
the window by the front door.

>>> In rapid succession, each of your commlinks signal
an incoming conference call from Lady Nell, your fixer.
It’s flagged as extremely urgent.

>>> “People, I need your help, and I need it now. I’ve got
a team under siege, and they need help, and they’re
right across I-90 from you in Redmond. There’s 10,000¥
for you if you say yes right now, and another ten if you
rescue them.”

>>>"Say yes."



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