High Concept: Teenage Mouse Shaman Adept

Trouble: Wise-Ass


Phase 1: Although additional abilities are great, they can get you into trouble.

Azoth is a human born in the poor section of Seattle. His earliest memories are of his sickly mom dropping him off at the St. Marcus’s orphanage, and fitting in with the big kids because of his wit and ability to sneak treats out of the kitchen. Because of his sneakiness and intelligence he has had the ability to appear engaged in the learning process while doing just enough to get by. While he was sneaking around the orphanage, he found that he could hear and see things on the other side of the building therefore anticipating hall monitors and hiding or changing directions before he could be found. Sometimes while using the talent he developed he forgot where he was and ended up getting caught. Although additional abilities are great, they can get you into trouble.

Phase 2: Help the big guy and he’ll take care of you.

Azoth was 13 years old and became restless in the orphanage; he began sneaking out at nights and fallowing street gangs just for the thrill. One night while scouting the tiger gang he was ensnared by Durzo and brought into the life of the underground. Durzo started mentoring him and introducing him to the right people and eventually took over his currying routs. He learned: help the big guy and he’ll take care of you.

Phase 3: Friends are a welcome asset.

Azoth had become one of the best curriers in the Renton, Bellevue, and Remond areas, with jobs as far south as Puyallup and north to Everett. His reputation for efficiency and speed has caused some “jobs” to pass over other runners creating animosity with these runners. Feeling endangered, Azoth contacted his friend Durzo to put some fear in these other runners to keep them from physically hurting him. Durzo was otherwise engaged and gave him Sparky’s number instead. Sparky’s help was more than enough and Azoth hasn’t been bothered or threatened again since. Friends are a welcome asset.

Phase 4: Money is key.

After a few years of just running payments to corrupt police and caring “merchandise” to others members of the underground for multiple organizations he was asked to play a more important roll. A corrupt politician was receiving bribes from a rival family and was playing both sides off each other. D.J., a local go between guy, was hired to confirm the dirt and drop it at the local newspaper, ruining his career. D.J. was given Azoths name and told he could be trusted and was young and raw enough to pass as a bell boy and place the surveillance equipment in the room, and more important expendable with no permanent ties. Azoth managed to complete the job flawlessly and the politician took his own life. The payment put Azoth in a mediocre apartment. Money is key.

Phase 5: Don’t get over confident, there is always someone better.

Azoth has proved himself to be pretty resourceful. However, he was hired to get an item of little value accept to his employer and crossed paths with the shadow. The shadow arrived and snatched the item seconds before Azoth and has gained a small respect for this “other” thief. Don’t get over confident, there is always someone better.


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