Phase 1

I grew up in a poor neighborhood but I never felt poor. My mom worked two jobs bagging groceries by day and bartending at night. My dad was a street fighter earning money with his fists. He taught me what he knew so that I could protect myself. He always told me The best defense is a good offense.

Phase 2

AS I grew older I started waiting up nights. My mother and father would come home dead tired or in my dads case half dead. I told him he should stop fighting that it would get him killed. He just shook his head and told me “Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.” One day he didn’t come home at all. My mother and I struggled after that. It wasn’t long before I knew that I would have to go out and make some money to support us. I began finding odd jobs and even some small courier jobs and training a young boy Kylar so I could move up in the local gangs. As I grew in size I also grew in temper causing me to get into more and more fights. But I never forgot what my dad said. No matter what I felt no matter how bad things are No matter what I always get the job done.

Phase 3

My first job was supposed to be easy. Sneak in grab some blueprints slip out. No mess no fuss, but things never go as planned. I got in after Outrun zapped the security system I found the blue prints and as I was leaving I come around the corner and there stands the janitor. He started asking me what I was doing there and who I was and it was just question after question. I was trying to talk my way out of it when I realized that I was just stumbling over my words. He started looking really suspicious at me and about that time I figured, screw it, and hit him as hard as I could. After that I stole out with nobody the wiser. Fight to Live, live to fight.

Phase 4

I was contracted by DJ to pick up a target. I normally work alone but the pay was good enough to put up with Sparky, The troll that they had hired to track the target down. I received a call from DJ with all the info we would need to locate our target. We followed the info and found him relatively quickly. We watched for the perfect moment and when it came Sparky walked right up introduced himself and tried to shake his hand. About that time the targets eyes widened and he turned to run, but by then it was too late. I was already behind him dragging him to the ground. It pays to be faster than your enemies.

Phase 5

I got a call from Outrun. He was in some kind of trouble, running from the guards of Lone Star Corp. He asked me to run interference for his “getaway.” I traced his route and waited for him to drive through the intersection. As he ripped by I loaded the intersection with smoke grenades causing the guards to crash. You know sometimes You don’t have to kill them to disable them.


Spirit of an Operative Nightangel_fvr