Spirit of an Operative

Runner's Take - The Beginning

The Beginning

Durzo invited me to the Ogre with the Golden tooth, I hadn’t been out in a while, running doesn’t give me much time to get out, and with the apartment the cash is starting to run low. I should have thought about that when got the place. But it’s weird; it’s almost like all the currier jobs are starting to dwindle since I took that surveillance job a while back. Maybe the higher ups are starting to see my potential.

The Ogre is an odd place, it reminds me of a “Denny’s” that I’ve seen in old photos from the olden days. When I get there Durzo is sitting with D.J., Sparky, and a few other people I’ve encountered over the years. D.J. set me up with the surveillance job that paid me enough to get the apartment, now I’ve got the hunger and need to keep getting paid, pretty soon I’ll be able to get that luxury suit I want so bad.

Then there is that “Shadow” guy who stole that one thing out from under me. That would have been a pretty good payday. It would be good to talk to him and see what he can teach me. There is a girl I don’t know, Wiley, but if she’s here with D.J. she must be able to bring something to the table. And Outrun, never met the guy but Durzo knows him, and says he’s got some skills
It reminds me of like that scene from that old movie Reservoir Dogs, and I’m kinda feeling like Mr. Pink. Jokes around the table, everyone is having a good time and the food is pretty good. The waitress, you can tell she’s not comfortable with a group of Runners in here, and it’s pretty obvious what we do. Outrun has a smoken hot car and D.J.’s looks just as good, Durzo and Sparky have bikes and man, I need to get paid again.

Wouldn’t you know, as soon as our food gets here, D.J. goes oddly silent and then “vrrrrr” around the table, Lady Jane sends me a text message and it seems everyone here has the same “contact.” In retrospect, if I didn’t know any better, it’s peculiar that we all got the call at the same time and we were all in the same place. Lady Jane says 10G’s upfront, and that’s my cue, but as I’m shooting up to head out the door, D.J. puts catches my arm and with a look tells me to sit down. Apparently he doesn’t need to speak to communicate with “whoever-he-wants-to-talk-to.” But this time for all of our benefit he says “Urgent?” and it echo’s around the table from everyone’s communicators. With a motion outrun waves the rest of us to turn off our comms and he leaves his on with the speaker on, so we can listen in on D.J.’s brilliant maneuvering of getting us more flow, and well it isn’t much but 5G’s more up front, is plenty to get us out the door.

Thank god D.J. has room in his car for me, riding bitch on the back of Durzo’s bike in early spring Seattle isn’t much fun. You never know when it’s going to start raining, plus its past 10 p.m. and a bit chilly. The job: apparently Ice’s irregulars are under heavy fire and need some back up, normally when this kind of thing goes down it don’t take long for things to go from “do-able” to dead. From what I hear, Ice is a respectable man and this world is running low on those. Lady Jane gave us the cords and with the way everyone was driving it took us about 3 min to get there, but it was eerily quiet.

It turns out the location is an old K-mart in the Redmond barrens. The only thing left of the old sign is the rusted bolts poking through the broken down “stuck-o” that was popular back when there was time to build these kinds of places. The windows are broken out and replaced with cardboard to keep the weather out.
Before anyone starts moving to check things out I place a condition on Sparky, Shadow, and Durzo that gives them a little more resistance to physical ailments. Also I place on Durzo a secondary effect that gives him just a bit more awareness in the ways of combat. The three heavies walk boldly into the store to check out the blue-light special. Wiley went already; apparently she’s out in astral.

Ten – Fifteen minutes go by, Durzo, and the Shadow come walking out, Sparky thought he saw something and comes out a few minutes later. They report that there were some odd bullet holes in the walls but no evidence of the fire fight. Willey comes back to herself about the same time and reports that there are no people within three blocks, understandable since in this neighborhood there is only the destitute and they avoid outsiders as much as possible.
Talking to Lady Jane in a manner that only he can, D.J. finds out that Ice and his irregulars were hired to get Mrs. Johnson back and she’s been missing for 12 hours. According to the old movies, if you can’t find the person kidnapped in 24 hours you won’t find them alive. Lady Jane also says that all signals from their tracking devices are lost, with that kind of info there is only one thing that could have happened. In their sted we she gives us the job for the bargain price of 73k nuyen, Mr. Johnson would be pissed if his pregnant wife isn’t returned in full health.

In the Begining...

>>> In a crime ridden city, filled with corruption; you, a team of new private intelligence operatives, struggle to hung on to your souls while make a living off conspiracy and intrigue. You where all pulled together by one of the few people in this world you can trust, Bloom. She may be a bit of a hot topped red-head but she is the best fixer in Renton, maybe even all of Seattle.

>>> Your first run together as a team was last week and it went off without a hitch. You where able to find the formula of a very new and very secret candy bar and steal it for a rival company. Sure it was a bit of a ‘cake’ opp. but those are the best when proving a new team. It’s been a week now and you are all itching to get back into the game.

>>> You’ve gathered for a discussion about your employment prospects and to grab a midnight meal at the Man with the Golden Tooth Tavern, an excellent little spot in Renton for eggs-and-spam-flavored soy product. The place has a real name, but everybody just calls it by the grinning likeness of the obscure comedian on the particularly tenacious poster for a long-forgotten comedy simsense flick, which is plastered to the boards covering the window by the front door.

The Job
The Meeting

>>>> In Short

>>>The team is called in as emergency reinforcements
for another team, which is under heavy attack.

>>>> The Job

>>>You’ve gathered for a discussion of your
employment prospects and a midnight meal at the Ork
with the Gold Tooth Tavern, an excellent little spot in
Renton for eggs-and-spam-flavored soy product. The
place has a real name, but everybody just names it by
the grinning face of some obscure comedian on a
particularly tenacious poster for some long-forgotten
comedy simsense flick, plastered to the boards covering
the window by the front door.

>>> In rapid succession, each of your commlinks signal
an incoming conference call from Lady Nell, your fixer.
It’s flagged as extremely urgent.

>>> “People, I need your help, and I need it now. I’ve got
a team under siege, and they need help, and they’re
right across I-90 from you in Redmond. There’s 10,000¥
for you if you say yes right now, and another ten if you
rescue them.”

>>>"Say yes."

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