The Mega-Corporations

They are immune to domestic law, responsible only to themselves, regulated only by the Corporate Court, an assembly of the ten largest corporations in the world:

Ares Macrotech, Detroit-based conglomerate of automobile, steel, arms and space industry companies, led by Damien Knight.
Aztechnology, a corporation from Atzlan (former Mexico, recreated in Aztec image) heavily involved in consumer goods, chemistry and magic.
Fuchi Industrial Electronics, a computer giant build by the Nakatomis and Yamanas from Japan and Richard Villiers from Boston. Disintegrated during the Corp War of ‘59 – ’60, in which Novatech sprang up as its North American successor, led by Villiers.
Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, started as money laundering operation for the Yakuza but soon surpassed their investors’ income by a very large margin.
Renraku Computer Systems, mainly computer and arms-producing giant from Japan.
Saeder-Krupp Schwerindustriegesellschaft, the world’s largest corp, a German conglomerate based on the production of steel, heavy-industrial goods, cars (BMW), arms and communication in Europe. Its majority chair holder and chairman is Lofwyr, a Great Dragon, who bought the company stocks from hoarded resources.
Shiawase Corporation, an old family business, which survived the turmoil of the early century unscathed, quickly able to expand in energy production, biotech and environmental procedures. As the oldest megacorp who first fought for mega-corporate sovereignty (falsely called extraterritoriality): exemption of law on foreign soil. Yet, corporate territory is not foreign soil but corporate soil, just like its employees are corporate citizens. Though dual citizenship in a corporation and a nation is common, Shiawase is now more conservative with its decisions.
Yamatetsu Corp, a shipping and infrastructure giant, of Japanese-Philippine origin.
Wuxing Inc., a Hong Kong-based company, and Cross Applied Technologies, a Free Quebec-based company joined the exclusive club of AAA-corps (those with a seat at the Corp Court.)

These companies, and many more minor companies, fight each other not only in the boardroom or with tricky deals, but with physical destruction, clandestine operations, hostile extraction or elimination of vital personnel, and other means of sabotage. Because no corporation wants to be held liable for damages, it has to be done by deniable assets: shadowrunners, invisible to the system where every citizen is tagged with a System Identification Number (SIN). They are outcasts, from the streets or disillusioned ex-corp/government/military personnel who threw off the shackles of corp society to achieve freedom. They chose or were forced to work in the shadows cast by the gigantic corporate buildings to support their living. Players of Shadowrun generally assume the role of these shadowrunners.


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