Events Leading Up to Present Day:


Haley’s Comet brought with it a surge in magical activity and many new found mages and magics. It also started massive rioting and hate crime against the magical community.


Worldwide revelation of the existence of technomancers, as well as the emergence of several unexplained Netrix anomalies, causes widespread panic. Highly-publicized incidents of death and destruction involving technomancers in Hong Kong, Geneva and other areas leads to increased persecution and bias against them.

November: The local Netrix crashes leading to a revote for and hand count of ballots. The Crash is blamed on technomancers.

December: Jack McLionne is elected to replace Michael Struthers as Governor of the Seattle City-State, despite rumors of vote fraud, sabotaging the opposition, and ties to Anti-magic-hate groups.


A new Awakened drug called Astrisc appears on the world’s black markets causes a massive turf war among organized crime syndicates. Within the year, Astrisc vanishes and parts of Seattle are left in ruins in the wake of the conflict.

January: Jack McLionne is sworn in as Seattle’s new City-State Governor; his first act in office is to terminate the city’s security contract with Lone Star in favor of a new contract with their chief competitor, Knight Errant; a company he where he was formerly a board member.




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