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>>It is the year 2071…

>>The city-state of Seattle has a new leader with a new view of how things should be run. The city-state is in a condition of transition after a particularly nasty political campaign full of under-handed and corrupt tactics that ended with a crash of the entire Netrix. All that chaos tends to line the pockets of special operatives willing to run within the storm. <<

>>I am unknown to most and unseen by all… Many would think of me as fate or destiny and others fortune or chance. I am Providence but yet… I am just a watcher. I watch from the shadows, from the in-between, all that comes and goes. <<

>>All have a story to write in history with what they do and I remember those stories. Now I watch as a new story begins… a new team has risen from the shadows… to become new pawns in the game.


Will they prove to be players…

We shall see.

Home Page

Spirit of an Operative Nightangel_fvr